Weekly Round up: PS4, MWC, Hacking and Angry Shareholders

Now this is only Gadget Nibbles full second week of operation, and so far – so good. But we haven’t been lying down on the job. This week has been filled with ups and downs for the technology world, new product releases (well sort of), the start of Mobile World Congress and the subsequent hacking of both Microsoft and Apple. The world of tech does not stand still – and here at Gadget Nibble we don’t stop blogging. So without further ado lets begin this weeks round up of technology news.

Sony and the Playstation 4

Sony ‘unveiled’ its latest home console this week at a special Playstation event in New York on Wednesday. The company trying to win back loyal customers has dubbed the console as the “next generation” for gamers. The console itself was never shown to the press at the event leaving asking: is Sony even ready for the next generation of gaming? However a fully redesigned Dualshock 4 controller with enhanced rumble features, added share buttons and a new touch display made an appearance on stage. Yet Sony did reveal the inner workings of their latest ‘must have’ – running on a single custom chip the eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU provides “amazing” power. Along with the next generation AMD Radeon graphics engine, admittedly the PS4 is no slouch. With a system architecture more like a PC – Sony hopes new social features via the Playstation Network such as Cross game chat, instant download of games, screen sharing and social media integration will revive the withering ecosystem. To read our full analysis click here.

Mobile World Congress

Yes it is that time of year again, MWC is a somewhat repetitive event but nevertheless check back on Gadget Nibble for our latest news and round ups as companies reveal their latest gadgets at MWC in Barcelona. However the show maybe a little less ‘wow’ this year as the departures of the likes of Google from the show leave only the imagination to wonder – and again LG and HTC have already demoed their newest toys at separate events. Either way tune in for the latest and greatest in mobile tech… Many other technology giants such as Samsung have also taken to using their own events to release their newest phones, such as the Galaxy S series. Still keep up to date an informed – Nokia, Sony and Asus all have events on the 25th February.

Apple and Microsoft face more woos as they admit they’ve been hacked

Microsoft admitted recently that along with Apple and Facebook they too had been hacked by the same cyber group. Describing the attack as:

“no surprise”

As they detailed that several of their computers had bee infected by malware similar to those that infected both Apple and Facebook. The firm, like the others, established that no user data had been compromised in the attack and that several of the computers involved where Mac’s. Similarly on Tuesday Apple reported that it had been the victim of a malicious cyber attack and again no user data had been compromised. At the same time Facebook was investigating cyber attacks after employees laptops where breached. Interestingly enough Facebook has managed to track the attack back to China.

These recent attacks should raise alarms for the corporate and consumer technology markets. Apple has already released an update patching the floor on their Mac OS system. But security firms and tech giants alike should be coming together, putting aside differences to combat cyber terrorism. For it is the new warfare that will plague this century – we have faced physical war for 100’s of years at the cost to human life, concentrated on the battlefield. But new warfare, cyber warfare, will affect us all. The banks and security systems that protect our money, the mobile services we use to communicate and the defence systems that safeguard our nations, together we must work to prevent cyber terrorism.

Apples Shareholders take a bite out of the big apple

Apple has reversed its plans for a vote on changing the way is pays out dividends to shareholders.  David Einhorn, shareholder and activist, was backed by the courts in blocking Apples proposed changes to preferencial shares. Mr Einhorn wants Apple to return more cash to its investors and shareholders in an effort to improve company policy. Tim Cook described the legal proceedings as a: “silly sideshow” yet still complied with the ruling that its proposed changes where illegal.

Apple sits on a cash kitty of more than £90bn ($137bn) and investors such as  David Einhorn want Apple to stop holding on to cash “idly”. Apple had wanted to change their contractual agreement to hand out preferencial shares without limit, these types of share perpetually provide a consistent dividend for the shareholder. David Einhorn wants Apple to offer all its current shareholders these preferencial shares but Apple had previously refused. Apples reply to the ruling was that it stocks its money to allow for large acquisitions when opportunities may arise.