MWC Update: LG, Firefox and Samsung Tizen

As expected Mobile World Congress has proven s spectacular event so far. Showing off some of the most amazing phones and gadgets to date, there is certain buzz about the place. Yet it has been an uphill fight. Only last week did HTC release their One handset, setting the bar extremely high. Nevertheless competitors have not shyer away, so now of is time to see what they’re all up to.


LG made an announcement today that it would be acquiring the rather dead and bloated platform of WebOS. LG’s acquisition led us to hope for a resurgence in the HP so, yet our wishes were pinned down when LG stated this would be to install on their Smart TV series. LG has yet to make a substantial leap in creating its own unique experience and this latest development might lead the, to do so.


Well we have all heard this little snippet of news through the grape vine. But yes at last Firefox OS is making its way centre stage for a general release alongside a range of cheap handsets. The OS’s projected market is to be emerging and developing countries. This seems to be a continuing theme this year at MWC, first with Nokia now Firefox. LG, Huawie, Alcatel and ZTE are all expected to smart the new OS in a few months time. Shipping with HTML 5 standards at its core Mozilla hopes to jump on its already bulging band wagon of developers linked to the Firefox web browser. DSC_8282-hero_large_verge_medium_landscape

“We’re not looking to develop a new ecosystem, we’re going to leverage the millions of developers all over the world that are already developing,”

Yet Firefox OS is clearly a general step towards a more open, and definitely cheaper industry. First Android, then Firefox and now even Ubuntu are in on the mobile party. As manufactures turn towards more open source platforms, It is possible that the days of the closed eco system, could be numbered. The likes of Apple’s IOS of course is not going anywhere, neither is Windows Phone but I see that consumers are becoming more focused on the pounding their wallets take every time they fork out £500 for a new smartphone. Cheaper more open software and hardware will be the future of the industry. And companies will have to adapt.

Samsung Tizen

The Samsung Tizen OS naturally does not run Android, which is uncommon for Samsung products today, but that is mainly due to its entry level market. The Tizen OS and is said to be an alternative to Android, with a lower price tag. Its non reliance on the Google eco system and services mean Samsung would not have to pay out for the expensive likes of integration that Google offer. Yet the phone doesn’t compromise. The developer handset we saw at MWC was sporting a 720P display and hiding an Intel chip inside. Currently Samsung runs it own OS Bada and has failed to capture market share via this approach. Originally planned to be phased out Bada is more of a lead weight in the Samsung itinerary. So its new found interest in the Tizen/Linux community may see opportunity for a merger… Otherwise they will continue to operate a three tier operating IMG_6372_610x407system business plan. That could confuse consumers.

Anyway thats it for today from MWC. Catch up again soon for the latest and greatest technology news. Keep Nibbling, please remember to visit our YouTube channel for entertainment, news and more.


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