HTC One – The One and Only?


HTC has slowly slipped behind the likes of their competition such as Apple and Samsung. Therefore it hopes that the HTC one is a top end phone to revive a stale company. Thankfully first impressions leave nothing to be shrugged off. When we have previously discussed the likes of the iPhone 5 – with its bells and whistles, aluminium back and diamond cut edges – you instantly recognise style and yet many rush home to cover their latest beauty icon in a 4 inch thick lead casing. The issues of domestic hazards such as drops, falls and the occasional acidic food splats means that the iPhone becomes less of an practically usable phone. The HTC One is built to shade those diamond eyed iPhone lovers to dance with the devil and take up the HTC brand. The full metal rear, beveled edges and side to side screen mean that HTC has pulled every hat out of the bag to gain loyal Apple users. However the One does repeat a mistake Apple did well to amend, the curved backing makes it comfortable to hold yet very unstable when typing.

The phone is again loaded with the fastest, sharpest and loudest set of features we’ve seen in one mobile. With a 4.7inch screen that reaches the dizzy heights of Full HD at 1920X1080 the screen has the sharpest quality seen on the market. Samsung has only just announced the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with a 441ppi – yet the HTC One tops this with 464ppi. Nevertheless this phone isn’t perfect – as mobiles get bigger and bigger the HTC One sticks with a 4.7inch screen when most of its competitors have adopted a larger 5inch screen, which makes if easier to read web pages and emails.

iphoneAlthough besting the Galaxy S 4 in screen PPI the Korean phone trumps on the pure power with either 1.9Ghz quad core processor or 1.7 octa core processor this outweighs the quad core 1.7Ghz processor of the One. As well as the processor the Galaxy S 4 also has a larger battery – which would come in handy for powering the larger screen. So keep in mind, do you want to be carrying a charger or several batteries with you every time you go out for a day. The HTC One comfortably beats the competition when it comes to audio – housing dual stereo Beat speakers means during testing it produced a clear and loud output alongside decent bass and vocals. On the other hand the camera is by far the most peculiar part of the phone, with only a 4 MegaPixel camera it relies on the software enhancements, optics and stabilisation to produce bette quality photos than the likes of Apple and Samsung’s 8 and 13 Megapixel cameras. They boast the Ultrapixel technology provides 300% more light and can capture 20 images at one – nowadays megapixels aren’t everything but they sure do help when it comes to quality photos.

When discussing the interface and user design – we have to consider OS. The likes of the iPhone which runs the highly successful IOS, is complete opposite,to the environment of android. But the comparison of the two is another story. But at a basic level, IOS can offer the user simple and efficient access to a wide variety of applications and a tried and tested method of use. Apple’s ‘walled garden’ App Store is its key strength – the diverse and wide range of apps that can be found are not comparable to any other platform. Whereas android is a far more flexible and customisable operating system, it has a unique and enjoyable user interface. Previously HTC Sense, the added skin that HTC adds to their android experience, has in the past been criticised – but HTC has pushed forward with a revamp for the HTC One. sense 5.0 provides even more customisation and widgets giving One owners a one over iPhone users.

Overall the HTC One is a clear stab at stealing loyal iPhone users, currently many manufacturers are jumping onboard the Apple poaching wagon as companies feed off the gloomy annoyance of long time Apple goers for their idols lack of innovation. I feel the HTC One is not a revolution in innovation neither does it show a leap in mobile progression. Yep – HTC’s engineers have out done themselves and conjured a phone worthy of comparison with the iPhone. Some of its features out smart epithets iPhone and even the Galaxy S 4. Some 20130325-223647.jpgaspects of the HTC One show compromise, such as the camera and possibly a lack of change in the implementation of HTC Sense – nevertheless the HTC One will lead an anti iPhone movement and you won’t be required to bail out a countries banks to get your hands on one. In the long term we will have to wait to see if HTC’s gamble will pay off and steal loyal iPhone users but currently it is clear that new users will love this device but Apple lovers may be steaming through their ears in envy of new features…


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  1. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

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