The end is nye for YouTube as Google launches ‘Nose’ service

YouTube has announced that from midnight tonight the service will be shutdown for a decade is attempts to identify the “winner”. YouTube has decided to close their popular video sharing site after it said it was time to:

“Pick the winner”

YouTube released a video claiming it would be shutting down – 8 years since its launch in 2005. YouTube has gone on to become the worlds most popular YouTube_April_Fools_20130331154247_640_480_20130331161630_320_240video sharing site and now sits comfortably at 800 million unique monthly users. YouTube sprung as an idea from a party that Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim visited. They wanted to be able to easily share videos taken and therefore YouTube was born. All members of PayPal -the domain was activated in 2005 and offered as a preview to the public. Initial funding of $3.5 million from investors at PayPal and other firms gave the start up the fuel to ignite the bonfire that would burn for eight years.

Instantly youtube became a world wide success. In 2006 it saw 65,000 videos uploaded and 100 million views every day. This subsequently led to its purchase by Google- who at this point was also growing in dominance. Google may have been seen to now be taking over the technology industry and Youtube – was their only second largest acquisition to date. YouTube would remain independently run and organised – this would allow it to become the most popular site on the web, and allow people to be able to not only share online but live and work.

Several features have been added to YouTube since their launch such as their Partnership scheme and AdSense. These implementations allowed for popular users with a qualifying amount of views to be able partner with YouTube to make money on the content they’ve uploaded. This would lead to the creation of a whole new meaning to online work. Youtube is now overwhelmed in content – funny videos, serious documentaries and the odd awkward family videos. And now the time has come, YouTube will be closing for a decade to deliberate the best content to then be relaunched in 2023 with the announced winners. Google and YouTube set out to create a diverse and varying community – built upon sharing. Now both Google and the users sharing has been the death of YouTube. R.I.P YouTube

Google Nose

At the same time Google axed YouTube they also announced the launch of a BETA service ‘Google Nose’. The Nose service launched by Google Engineers has brought curios web surfers together to experience a new phenomenon in searching. Google has for years innovated at the forefront web technologies with the likes of its Chrome browser and Google Web Labs. Google has pushed forward with innovative user interfaces and has now become the worlds best known and used search engine.


The popular engine now receives several hundred million queries a day and has branched out into other forms of internet communication such as social networking and advertising. Google makes it money through advertising and now has become a major competitor in the advertising world. The internet is a powerful medium for companies to sell themselves – therefore Googles proposition is rather attractive to the likes of smaller companies with a smaller budget. Google Nose is a new way of searching that Google hopes will revolutionise the search industry. Through “scent protocols” Google’s servers are able to transmit the scents of millions of queries providing an extra depth to Google search. And for those times of day when you can’t identify a particular whiff – Google offers a smell search function. They hope this will bring the worlds senses that little bit closer to life. But for odd time your querying ‘dogs’ SafeSearch is included to prevent the unwanted smell of ‘wet dog’ – those clever geniuses. 

Now obviously not every piece of technology works straight away – thats why Google is offering the Nose search as a public Beta. Follow the link in the article to try it yourself. If your having a bit of trouble – heres a snippet from Googles support forums. Enjoy!

Google Nose 

If you are experiencing problems with Google NoseBETA, please note the following:

  • “418: Scent transfer protocol error” indicates system congestion; please try again later.

  • Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices.

  • Refrain from licking or biting your screen.

  • Try upgrading to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome.

  • It is April Fools’ Day.

Do not fear…

Do not worry – before I note the blood draining from your head – APRIL FOOLS. Yes, if you hadn’t realised the date – and caught on to Googles antics by now. Google and YouTube is not indeed closing down nor releasing a Nose Search (although rather cool). Google and YouTube for several years on the trot have tried – in some cases successfully – to outwit the internet and play havoc with our video addicted minds. Google, although a all seeing and all conquering force on the internet, has shown itself to have a light hearted side. Rather than getting down and dirty with important business Google and YouTube’s employees have spent the day fooling the entire world. In 2012 YouTube announced it would be selling the entire collection of YouTube videos on Betamax tapes as well as previously confusing visitors to the site with an upside down website layout.

Either way – we can all sleep easy – stop your fretting about finding a new service to provide your keyboard cat fix and there is no need to worry about the dodgy smells protruding from your screen. Take it easy. Any way – as we all recover from our chocolate indulgence and find ourselves a little vulnerable – we should take time to appreciate the wonders of the internet and the opportunities the web has provided to us a community to share and communicate. April Fools everyone.


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