WWDC Finally announced – IOS 7 Looms closer, Macbook Pro’s with Intel Haswell processors on route

Yes it is that time of year again, we all have that sense of unnerving excitement that builds up inside your body. The waiting. The anticipation…. Well OK that might only be me – but hold steady – Apple, just as they usually do, has finally announced the date for their WWDC 2013. The Moscone West centre will hold virtue to the mighty products of the secretive company from June 10th – 14th, but as well as the slightly unexpected shake up from Apple, we also have a new look logo as well!

overview_display_heroApple has not attended the likes of any other consumer or industry trade events for some time now and sticks to its WWDC on an annual basis. WWDC is basically Apple’s chance to gather the likes of developers into a single space so they can try out the latest platforms and products that Apple may be about to release. In previous shows we’ve seen the launch of the iPhone, iPad and also updates to its Mac OS X operating system. Yet don’t get your hopes us this year round – don’t be expecting any shiny new iPhone to land on your door step before July. Apple has always been a secretive company and therefore any public movement it makes is carefully scrutinised and judged by the likes of the press, enthusiasts and analysts. Apple has only released a date as of yet, but their logo itself can tell us a little more than their PR garb on their website. Compared to last years publication the WWDC franchise seems to have taken a different direction. Apple had last year announced the Macbook Pro Retina and updates to OS X but this year we can tell their is something rather square and groovy about their logo. Possible theorists have claimed that Apple may be will unveil the next generation IOS 7 at the event – as the boxes show off an App-esque dimensions but the chosen colour scheme is rather peculiar for Apple, who normally sticks to the skeumorphic designs.

With the departure of Scott Forstall last year and Jony Ive taking over head of IOS UI development we can expect the love of faux leather and cute compass skins to be on the way out. As resembled in the logo – Ive has a cut, clean and fresh look upon design – his creations such as the iMac and iPhone are examples of this. Yet this is speculation, nobody knows what happens on the inner walls of Apple. We hope a refresh of IOS is around the corner, since the first iPhone 5 years ago we haven’t seen much in way of change. Apple needs to catch up in fluid user interfaces and that is what we will look for. As well as a UI revamp we expect new services online as well, and hopefully a bit more tried and tested than Apple Maps…

Macbook line up

Apple, updates their Macbook Pro range with Retina display inline with their other Retina products. But we don’t expect any major change this year round. We don’t expect them to refresh the Macbook Air line up either with their Retina technology – keeping it a low cost alternative. Apple hasn’t made any real changes since it added backlit keyboards a couple of years ago. Yet Intel has been working on their latest Haswell chip, their efficiency savings and power improvements being the only gain. Nevertheless we expect to see them crawl into their next lineup of Macbook Pros and possibly Macbook Air’s.

With Apple’s WWDC being a sell out event every year, we expect Apple to make good use of the centre of attention that they hold. Apple need to innovate andiOS7grasp WWDC with both hands. Even though sales figures might not suggest that Apple’s products are selling as well as they did, the still sold out all of their $1600 tickets in just 2 minutes.