iPhone caught in charger hacking debacle – The true kryptonite


iPhones around the world are now being caught off guard, their backs turned and their charging ports exposed. Apple iPhones have reportedly fallen victim to a horrible vulnerability that means the device can be controlled through its charging port if a ‘bogus’ charger is used.

Using a custom built charger – the iPhone’s security is bypassed and the phone left defenseless to the horrific attack! The team at the Georgia Institute of Technology managed to condemn the phone an infected the device in under a minute with a complex virus. But don’t let your iPads or iPods touch’s feel they can sleep safely at night – you don’t know what lurks around the corner… The fault is been proven to affect not just iPhones but any iOS device – therefore bolt the shutters and take your iDevices to safety, a virus could be on route…

Worrying that your iPhone or iPad is going to become the next ‘living’ dead? A virus production factory? A useless brick? Well I might not be able to help you with the last one (joking of course) but the problem, highlighted by the Georgia Institute of Technology does seem to show the issue lies around a pre made custom ‘unofficial’ charger that can implement the virus. The Institute will be talking more about the discovery at the Black Hat USA hacker conference. The details of the flaw have only been discussed to other developers, so again – don’t worry that every cybercriminal has the details of this kryptonite-like charger. Researchers, Billy Lau, Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song, have spent a long time delving into iPhone security and have said via this back door they could install any software they’d have liked.

“All users are affected, as our approach requires neither a jailbroken device nor user interaction,” they said.

The team manufacured their iPhone killing charger from a tiny computer called a BeagleBoard, the device only costs £30 ($30), and demonstrated the ease of use that USB chargers can be made for malicious purpose.

The hack is simple, communicating with the PC and the phone software the phone is infected and becomes a victim of Apples impregnable security. The malicious virus hid its location using the same system Apple uses to hide the location of their own iOS applications.

Apple had previously states their iOS devices to be a fortress – Apple has has several prior breaches and will work hard to rectify the issue. The problem will be presented to Apple to allow them to overcome the flaw.

For the well being of all the iDevices around the world lets hope Apple has time to fix it. Or else…


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