Are you a brain dead zombie?

Do you feel like a member of the living dead? Have you got an appetite for rotting flesh? Do you own an iPhone? Well if you’ve watched Nokia’s latest round of advertising you’d know that the company has attacked iPhone users and Apple about their mass zombie like marketing and phone use.

They’ve the complexion of the living dead.

Eyes as red as blood.

Drooling sense of devotion to a certain phone.


Nokia is now trying to push its 925, Windows Phone, out into the big markets. It’s latest series of ads paints iPhone users as a simple and inexperienced type of users. The iZombies, here represent the mass hoards of iPhone users, have no sense of real photography and are reliant on the ‘flash’ of the camera with no real thought of the final photo. On the other hand Nokia has tried to suggest that its 925 nonflashy ‘flashy’ camera is far superior than the iPhones blinding apocalyptic LED.

Samsung had only just finished bashing Apple

Here we see a lonely Nokia user, and there aren’t many in this ad, walking down a street in the dark. His only consolidation, his Nokia 925 held firmly. Turning the corner, we are faced with a hoard of the living undead. These represent the mass hoards of iPhone users that Nokia believe are now untamed and loose in the world of technology. iZombies are a plague of the mobile world and Nokia is trying to demonstrate that they all follow the same path, they all buy Apple. Why? Because it is Apple. As he walks down the road he is met by the zombies turning others by taking photos with the flash. The Nokia user is cornered, and they will be turned next…

Nokia is advertising the camera on the Lumia 925 and its extraordinary low light conditions. It seems to be quite the fashion to take a hit on Apple at the moment, first Samsung and now Nokia. Lets just hope the iZombies don’t over throw the world.