N.O.W: Time to say goodbye

This week we bid farewell to one of the industry’s most influential icons and in some cases the most hated. Don Mattrick has been a figure of oppression for some gamers and a visionary in the other. He piloted XBOX Live to new heights and gave the ‘360’ a top notch position. Now as he leaves the company, with their reputation in tatters, Don Mattrick moves to Zynga and we can expect to see little of him in the limelight. His controversial move with XBOX boiled gamers blood and now he has escaped before the ship sinks, will he survive at Zynga?

As well as the latest new, Tech Tom Discusses the channel name change and how it will affect upcoming videos and content. Don’t worry it’s still Gadget Nibble – but now Jammo and Tech Tom appear as ‘The Bros’. So sit back and enjoy the video. Maybe even watch a bit of tennis…

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