iOS 7 Beta 3 Hands On Review, What we think of the new look so far

Apple has had a busy few weeks since WWDC, this is the third iteration of their iOS 7 beta and we can expect more to come. So don’t judge this as a final build – things will change. Apple has given us a taster at what it would like to do next and where iPhone, iPad and iPod touch should move. But this is up for final change! Apple will have undoubtedly be sat watching for the developers to voice their opinions and sure they have. From a consumer point of view Apple didn’t drastically change anything – it would have been too confusing. But we get a nice few little hints and possibly the ability to soon be more creative with our iDevices. So watch our latest review of iOS 7 beta 3, make no judgements as of yet, but be sure to think about the direction Apple is heading with all their product lines; Mac included.