Remember the Steam Summer sale


Now if you love games and find that you don’t have a lot of cash lying around or you just want to save – the Steam summer sale is for you. Steam is now holding its annual summer sale to entice users to part with their cash and broaden their gaming horizon.

The sale is a clever marketing ploy by Gabe Newell’s Valve corporation as the firm becomes ever more profitable and picks up a larger slice of the gaming market sales. The sale is a global gaming event and if you enjoy games you won’t miss it.

This year we see discounts on all manor of games. Reductions of up to 50% on newer titles and over 75% for older titles. Games can be grabbed for as low as £3 and this is definitely impulse buy territory.

So remember as you surf the Steam summer sale have self control, or you’ll spend your life savings. The best places to look are the flash deals which are huge reductions for a short period of time. The community deals are your chance to decide which games go on sale next so pick wisely. And finally if you want just do what ever. There are no rules. Just enjoy content and sit back and game.

Enjoy the summer sale!