iPhone 5S delayed until late 2013

20130617-160610.jpgApple has reportedly delayed their launch of the next generation iPhone following design errors and troubles. The Commercial Times reported that Apple was developing a 4.3 inch Retina display that was causing a rather big headache.

In a report by Bloomberg the firm is now expected to push back iPhone 5S production till after July and now won’t look to launch until late 2013 or early 2014. Apple has not released a handset since September 2012 and is looking to be tiring in the smartphone race. Recent reports suggest that the may also be in production of a cheaper, budget iPhone to take on faster, cheaper android competition. Shares of suppliers to Apple fell 7% at the news, Apple refused to comment.

Tim Cook is now looking to boost Apple’s iPhone sales via Apple Stores as the firm recently found that 90% of all sales are made through carriers. Apple will have a hard task as the iPhone has traditionally been a large supporter of buying through AT&T and Verizon in the US. Previously it has also bee easy in the UK to obtain devices through carriers on launch days as Apple Stores are overwhelmed.

Now as Apple gear up to a launch of some sort either way with a iWatch or iPhone, the world will inevitably be watching.