A message from the founder: Give us your feedback

Here at Gadget Nibble we are constantly trying to produce the best content for you, our views, readers and community members. Over the recent weeks we have experienced a fluctuation of views and likes through our YouTube channel and have seen increased numbers through our website. Thank you for this. You continue to show your support for Gadget Nibble and this means a lot to us.

Our goal is to ensure you enjoy our content and keep coming back for more. But we can’t gauge your opinion without feedback. So as we move towards developing more content for you; please remember to give us comments. Be it bad comments, critical comments or just random comments. Every comment helps us to make better content for you. That’s our goal.

Again thank you for your support and we hope you are enjoying the Gadget Nibble experience. We have had a greater presence on social networking and we hope to continue this. So if you don’t know where we live by this point, then again we can be found on Google+, Facebook and YouTube. Thank you for your support.

Keep nibbling.

Tech Tom

Co-founder of Gadget Nibble