New Nexus 7 spotted in the wild


There have been a few different leaks in regards to the next Nexus 7 from Google but now we might get a definitive date for the likely release of the new Nexus. A leaked ad from Best Buy indicates the device will be on sale from July 30th, a week Tuesday. Phone Arena received a tip that the ad would have been published on Sunday 28th July and therefore indicates Tuesday 30th July as a release date.

The 16GB model will cost $229 and confirms a 1920 X 1000 resolution. We also see a new look wallpaper that is currently found on the Nexus 10. There is also a new branded backing and a set of dual speakers for improved audio quality.  We cant be sure of internal specs but rumours indicate a new 5 MP camera. We can expect from previous launches, that Google will include a new version of Android along with its launch of the new Nexus 7. We will most likely see the launch of the new Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and a whole range of improvements. However we can’t be sure what version of Android it will run but we can guarantee that Google won’t ship rubbish. Will you update from the older generation? Is it enough of a change?