Is Microsoft beyond saviour?



Well if you thought we weren’t going to be seeing Bill Gates for a long time then think again. The latest sources from within Microsoft and those loyal to the firm have indicated that the co-founder and ex-CEO maybe making a return to the dying brand in efforts to return the firm to its previous stature. In Microsoft’s worst week in the last 13 years for the stocks and shares the firm is now looking at what is wrong with the brand. Last week Microsoft’s shares fell by 11% at $31.40 ($4.04 down).

Microsoft’s lackluster performance of their Windows 8 OS and also the slow uptake of the Surface RT. Steve Ballmer has been pushing Microsoft in a direction that many would say is in appropriate for Microsoft. The firm has shown signs of increasing interest in the hardware market and has also been producing more and more of their own hardware products than under the era of Gates. Steve Ballmer has also shown acts of complacency in his term of office. The transition between Windows 7 and Windows 8 was less than satisfactory. Staff could not answer queries from customers in regards to support and retail staff had no idea what was where in the OS.

Bill Gates, has for the last 7 years been in a back seat role when it comes to Microsoft. He has been focusing on his charity work and has had his eyes taken off the ball at Microsoft for some time. The recent downgrading of sales for their Surface tablet has wiped $900 off the company books. The newest information suggests that the firm may bring back Gates in an attempt to revive Microsoft. Gates took Microsoft to the dizzy heights of success in the late years of the 20th century but gave up his role as CEO in 2000. He is known for the success of the highly popular Windows XP and the failure of Vista. He now has a non executive role but still bathes in $72 billion in income.

If Gates was to come back to Microsoft, what would you like to see him do?


3 thoughts on “Is Microsoft beyond saviour?”

  1. Don’t you have people proof reading your articles? Fix the numerous spelling mistakes and half complete information if you want people to actually take you serious.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Any advice would be appreciated. Please understand that we are only just establishing ourselves and are a small team.

  2. I don’t think there’s much he can do I think it’ll take at least 5 years to get MS turned back around. They need to compete with the advertising Giant that is Apple so spend the money on advertising instead of letting everyone bash and bash and bash. But we’ll see I’m not sure that MS has what it takes to make a come back. But then again we had all written off apple back in the day.

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