XBOX One sited in the wild, didn’t dive for cover

The XBOX One Retail units are out and ready, just a matter of time now until the great showdown… That said the premature results, when looking at the gaming spectrum seem one sided – Microsoft will have a tough battle. But while the Big M gets its act together and begins the shipping of retail units to stores, we got a sneak peak at what those first adopters will be discovering, come November. With only 20 or so in existence, Major Nelson – Larry Hryb – gave us a breakdown of what to expect inside the XBOX One special “Day One” console; which is sold out in almost every major retailer.

If you managed to get hold of one of these “Day One” additions then the you will be met with quite a pleasant surprise. Anybody who has ordered an XBOX One will get a headset included in the price of the console, contrary to rumours. Those who splashed their cash early also get specially labelled ‘Day One’ controllers and the customised chrome D-pad. A second note to take is that the new controllers also now, charge over Micro-USB rather than the proprietary connection used in the XBOX 360. This should make cross compatibility a lot easier.

So you can now rest easy if you thought you’d also have to cough up for a new headset on top of the initial cost – Microsoft felt generous. Now we wait…