Nexus 10 on the way

With the new Nexus 7 only a couple of months old the new Nexus 10 is also on the way. Google has been busy, partnering with ASUS to prepare the new tablet to take on Apple’s iPad.

Following the first launch of the Nexus 10, Google has now jumped ship. Ending their exclusive bid with Samsung, the firm has opened the bid for a new manufacturer to produce the next Nexus 10. Unlike the Nexus 7, which is perfect personal tablet size, the next Nexus 10 is expected to be a more family friendly device.

Google’s Nexus 10 has been praised for a “decent”, “good value” tablet but has yet to dominate the Apple iPad. Yet in comparison Google actually has better technology at some points, their current Nexus 10 has a 300PPI and they iPad only 264PPI.

We have no rumours or predictions yet on the next Nexus. But the issue lies with Google’s advertising strategy. Nobody really knows about Google’s tablet foray and Google hasn’t made it obvious. In comparison Apple has shouted the roof off and now their tablet is top of the market.

So for Google to take the lead, they’d have to start shouting loud for the rest of the world to hear and consumers to hand over their cash. Can Google shout loud enough?