LG, you should know better: Stunt goes horribly wrong

lg 2

According to a Korean newspaper, 20 people have been injured in a recent LG stunt in South Korea. The stunt was trying to promote the launch of their new LG G2 handset that has a UK street price of £550 ($850). The new LG G2 smartphone signals LG’s attempt at reshaping the smartphone market. Launching with a set of buttons on its back it comes with a 5.2 inch screen and runs Android. LG hope that allowing the buttons to be user set will open the device up to customisation.

The South Korean company is a strong player on the Korean peninsular and the latest stunt shows just how much users are willing to go to, to get the next best handset. The event took part in an outdoor park in the capital Seoul, and 100 helium balloons were launched into the sky with vouchers in them for a free handset.

Following their launch, crowds gathered, some bringing BB guns and sticks with knives attached to burst the balloons in effort to retrieve the vouchers. The phones which sell for KRW 950,000, would be given in possession of a voucher. LG has said it will cancel similar events and pay for any medical treatment after bystanders were taken to hospital.

The LG G2 has a 13 megapixel camera, full HD screen, and Hi Fi speakers which can produce ‘studio quality’ playback. The device is the first to ship with side and back buttons after research showed it had become difficult to access buttons with a larger screen. LG is the third largest phone manufactures behind Samsung and Apple but has experience a tough financial quarter with dismal TV sales.

With the launch of the latest LG phone showing consumers are becoming more and more enticed by devices, do we really need to get the latest phone every time? With many upgrading on a yearly basis for the next iPhone or Galaxy device, users are entering a throw away society. It keeps the companies coffers full and consumer wallets open, but with the restraints on cash and the less than ‘revolutionary’ features – do you feel you need to always have the latest mobile in your pocket?