Wait a second, No new iPads…


Wait a second, we thought that…. Oh don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be here soon. But at least for now we know that Apple won’t be announcing any new lineup of iPads at their iPhone event on September 10th.

A report by Bloomberg cites a “person with knowledge” as the basis of their story and indicates that Apple Inc. will not release a new shiny tablet by the end of next month.

But what we can say is good news, is that the new lineup is expected to feature a thinner full sized iPad and a retina iPad mini for those who’ve been little less than impressed with the current performance of their mini.

However take the last with a pinch of salt; because the New York Times previously reported that those iPads minis would not be receiving a hi-res display this year. In fact the production would only begin within the last three months of the year. However Apple is still expected to launch a second iPhone alongside the rumoured iPhone 5S, this September. The bet being, that Apple will unveil a cheaper model to make their devices more affordable in every market.

So either way we have a bit more to wait before you can dig into a shiny new tablet. Consumers may wait for Apple, but it is unlikely that the markets will. Will the fruit on Apple’s tree still look juicy in a few months time?

Source: CNET


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