Apple might go super-sized… 6 inch iPhone

iPhone-5-vs-Galaxy-S3-angle-left-side-by-sideAre you going to be ordering an iPhone 5S? Maybe an iPhone 5C? Have you even started considering next years upgrade? Well Apple already has.

We might not have even got sight of the iPhone 5S yet, but Apple is still keen to keep the ball rolling. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is now experimenting with a phone that has a larger screen. Even larger than the current industry leading Note 3’s display. Apple is said to be working on a massive, 6 inch display for the next iPhone – likely to be named the iPhone 6.

Apple has begun “evaluating a plan to offer iPhones with screens ranging from 4.8 inches to as high as 6 inches,” WSJ reports. We’re rather dubious of a 6 inch mega iPhone, reports aren’t always accurate, and therefore I’d take it with a pinch of salt.

We can definitely assume that Apple will be working on bumping up the screen size come the next few iPhones, but 6… It might be just too much. The Wall Street Journal also said the same source has stated that Apple was also experimenting with larger iPad displays. This is again a likely story and one we’ve heard before.

Phones are naturally growing bigger in size, as reported in our Note 3 unveiling report. These so called ‘phablets’ are slowly consuming the mobile market. Apple would likely tie any increase in size with hopes that they could reclaim the top place as mobile manufacturer; after Samsung stole their crown a couple of years ago.

But looking closer to home, Apple won’t be releasing a 6 inch mega iPhone on Tuesday. We might actually get a cheaper model for emerging markets, but Apple will unlikely enlarge their flagship phone by nearly 2 inches. Lets just hope the iPhone 5S has some snazzy trick up its sleeve, maybe a fingerprint scanner or that good finish you’ve always wanted.

If Apple do decide to go large, then the next-next iPhone would be the right time. In line with the iPhone ‘6’ branding, Apple’s marketing team could have a field trip. “iPhone 6, the worlds first 6 inch phone”. But until then; let’s keep our eyes firmly peeled on Tuesday.