iPhone 5S Rumour Roundup and BYOD in the Classroom

With Apple only days away from releasing the next iPhone, we decide on the top 5 rumours and likely features of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for Apple’s special event on September 10th. Apple is expected to announce an iPhone with a similar design to the iPhone 5, but will it include a fingerprint scanner? Does the iPhone 5S look likely to feature an upgraded camera? Will Apple launch a 5C? Plus we discuss the future of the classroom and how education needs to change to ensure we teach kids the most up to date information possible, with BYOD in the classroom.

Tom talks about what he and the team think Apple may give us in their next flagship iPhone. We think we might get a new colour, possibly a new camera and you never know; if you’re good. We might get a finger print scanner too. But to find out more, just hit that play button below.

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