iOS Users face misery as iOS 7 fails to update


Thousands or Apple fans, updating their iPads, iPhones or iPods today maybe faced with numerous errors while trying to download Cupertino’s latest OS. Apple has touted their new mobile OS since WWDC in June but now it seems like they didn’t prepare enough – despite their marketing bonanza. 

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iOS 7 is Apple’s biggest change to the iPhone and iPad OS since they launched the platform in 2007. The basic layout of the Home Screen has not changed; but instead, Apple has set its sights on making our lives a little more colourful and a little less cluttered. iOS 7 introduced a new colour scheme, the Control Centre, a new flat design across the entire system as well as a new multitasking. Apple has also added a feature, taken from the Mac, named AirDrop.  Allowing users to share and communicate via close range WIFI and receive their favourite picks. 

iOS 7 was released at approximately 6.30 PM BST and since users have been complaining of countless errors whilst trying to get the latest Apple update. It is recommended that users avoid Over-the-air updates on devices but instead connect their devices to a computer and to iTunes. Pushing its update out live, Apple knew it would always have a battle on hand to keep servers on top of this mass influx in data. 

So far, it seems that Apple hasn’t fulfilled its side of the bargain. So far I have received numerous errors when trying to update to iOS 7. Apple’s poor preparation for its users has been a let down, not just this year, but in previous years too. Error 9006, Network Timeouts, Software update fails and the general ‘126 hour’ download time, is now all too familiar with any Apple release. 

If you’re having issues with downloading iOS 7, it might be down to iTunes. Make sure you have iTunes 11.1 released and that your devices is correctly plugged in. Following this, Apple recommends you delete existing .ipsw files – the files that iTunes downloads when updating an iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps to help resolve the issue, see Advanced Steps. If you still can’t update to iOS 7, the simple solution is wait. This might not be what you wanted to hear, but it is the simplest and most reliable option available. Nothing is broken with your device, it is just that Apple has not got the capacity to update all these devices at once. 

As with any mass update, there will be problems. But now as we see more and more Apple devices being bought and devices connecting to Apple’s servers – the issue will get worse.