Have you caught the iOS 7 bug?


It seems that the iOS 7 bug is affecting a little more than just iPhones. The latest in Apple’s saga of bugs, mishaps and complaints against iOS 7 means that Cupertino might have lost its shine when it comes to software.

Reports are suggesting that the new motion visuals in iOS 7 are causing a few bugs, sickness and vomiting within its users. Equally as nauseating as watching a 3D video, being on a boat or spinning on the spot – users have complained about experiencing an unwanted side effect from iOS 7. Queasy stomachs seem to be about as problematic as the issue becomes and is made worse by the new line-up of animation with iOS 7.

Users have complained about a lack of breath, dizziness and the need to sit down whilst using their iPhone. Apple offers the chance for users to disable ‘Parallax’ under the General>Accessibility Menu within iOS, but offers no complete fix. Parallax was introduced in iOS 7, adjusting and moving the background of the phone using the gyroscope. The effect isn’t a major part of iOS and the movement is minimal – still it seems to be having some form of affect.

With users unlikely able to downgrade, Apple will either have to consider the more ‘sensitive’ of us and allow users to alter settings in further updates or force users to get used to it.  With iOS 7 not getting a great reception into the mobile market, many have wondered if they simple use of iOS 7 has caused some people to vomit…

However you look at this story, be it the motion sickness or users vast hate of iOS 7; we can safely say the new mobile OS has had an effect. But I doubt it was the affect Apple were looking for.