PS4 to dominate Xbox One sales in the run up to Christmas


We all practically knew this would be the case, it was just a matter of time before we could get ‘real’ confirmation from analysts to say so. It now seems that Microsoft will have to work double time in the pre-holiday season spending bonanza to try and equal out the sales of its next generation console, compared to Sony’s offering.

The PS4 will launch in Europe on the 29th November, with a starting price of £349. While Microsoft will ship XBOX ONE on the 22nd November – but at a higher £429. Microsoft likes to add, that although the device is £80 more expensive – it ships with the Kinect 2.0 sensor – something Microsoft wants every gamer to experience. For this price Microsoft will give you a single controller, a console and the Kinect sensor. However for the same price Sony will chuck in an extra controller, camera and Killzone Shadow Fall.

Analysts (IDC) have predicted that bundle of Sony’s Playstation 4 will out sell those of the Xbox One in the run up to Christmas. The varying factors most notably the lower staring point will affect consumer habits. However the Xbox One has the advantage of a superior online service, Kinect 2.0 plus a more robust design.

At the end of the day it will a very personal statement when it comes to buying the next gen consoles. Users will decide which camp they want to be part of – but who will win?

It can be rather childish to act like the two consoles are at war, but whichever company succeeds in persuading users to buy their goods – will inevitably do the best in the next 5+ years of gaming.


A good control group for this test will be China, currently with an import ban on consoles – the market is ripe for picking. Microsoft is likely set to take the market in China with a harsh competitive look upon their neighbours, Japan’s, PS4. However a quarter of western shoppers said they’d buy the PS4 over the Xbox One. IDC has predicted that, annually, sales of games consoles will rise to 33 million. That’s a lot of consoles.

All in all, it looks like the tide maybe turning. The console industry has had a slippery slope down recently. But now we’re moving into the next generation – things are picking up.

Which will you buy?

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  1. I have been going over and over which one I want to pick up first. Realistically both consoles won’t really be in full gear until around spring when the heavy hitting titles are released. I think I will just get both at launch lol problem solved

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