Let the year of rumours begin: iPhone 6 reportedly shipping 4.8 inch display


You might just have only got your hands on the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5C, but in the world of technology – nothing stands still for long. Now that we’re over the tidal wave of interest and media reports of Apple’s new iPhone 5S; our attention turns swiftly towards what Apple might ship our way come this time next year.

I hate to admit it, but it’s part of the Apple craze. Non-stop media coverage of rumours, leaks and guesses are all part of the run up to an Apple launch – we had our fair share this time round.  Sadly, for all owners of a brand spanking new iPhone 5s, your iPhone might not shine much longer. Today marks to beginning of the cycle of Apple iPhone news that will take us up to September, next year.

Analysts are reporting that Apple may be looking at making a second giant leap forward with their iPhone line up.  In 2012, the iPhone 5 brought a larger 4 inch display – dwarfing the previous 3.5 inch screen that had been surpassed by almost every other phone on the market. Despite Apple’s certainty that 4 inches is better than any other, mainly for its one handed use, it seems Cupertino will be bumping the size of the iPhone 6 up to 4.8 inches.

The rumours come from Jefferies & Co. analyst – Peter Misek, who suggests Apple may be forced to move with the tides and succumb to the fact that people want larger phones. As with the iPhone 5, we may see true innovation in practice, unbelievably a sixth row of icons might make an appearance on the iPhone 6 – one more than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. We currently believe that Apple will stick to the same 16:9 ratio, especially after touting it so much at the iPhone 5 launch last year, they’d seem foolish to back down now. Therefore, following this trend, we might expect the screen size remain the same width (across) and again, simply grow taller. This may or may not be the case for Apple, but it seems obvious that keeping the iPhone a ‘one handed’ device would at least give it some strengths over other handsets – such as the Galaxy Note, where big screens have been right at home for some time.

Are you fed up with the Apple rumour cycle? Do you think you’ll be buying the iPhone 6? Let us know.