How we’re changing for the better

Hello All,

This is just a quick update from us, the Gadget Nibble Team. We are constantly thinking ‘what next’ for Gadget Nibble. We’ve had amazing responses from people within the community and as the website, YouTube channel and media outlets grow – its time to become more than a news website.

We want to develop Gadget Nibble as a community for all things technology, geeky and gaming. Therefore, as part of our ongoing vision, we want to start sharing some of our treasure trove of products, useful buys and website links to be able to offer the best experience possible. For example, if we have an article on iPads or the iPad mini 2 – we may recommend a product related to the article via Twitter. So keep an eye out. Its all about bringing our services and users together. These aren’t products we’ve been paid to advertise, these are products we feel that you should know about – and in most cases we’ve bought ourselves. If you but through our links then we get accredited and you help us at Gadget Nibble fund our development. All our tips, products and deals will feature under: #GadgetDeal – so keep an eye out.

We hope you continue to enjoy our website and we hope Gadget Nibble remains an awesome site to visit.

Keep nibbling.


Gadget Nibble