HTC One Max Is Official, despite early leaks: Fingerprint scanner anyone?

This seems to be part of a growing trend… Really fingerprint scanners everywhere? Com’on… Oh well, looks like they’re here to stay. But this time round its HTC swiping fingers and scanning prints, launching a larger sibling to that of the HTC One, the HTC One Max. Like it needed to get any bigger. It comes as HTC tries to quell the growing calls for them to produce more ‘phablet’ like handsets, bridging the gap between a phone and a tablet.

The HTC One Max is the latest addition to the ‘One’ family – HTC hasn’t made it any easier to keep tracks on their handsets either. An ‘X’ here and an ‘S’ there. What’s the difference? However this name adds a little more clarity to the murky HTC mist – simply ‘Max’ means larger. A fully 5.9 inch 1080P display, coupled with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 processor 1.7GHz quad-core CPUs and weighing in at only 217g. It’s substantially heavier than the HTC One.


HTC had planned a Tuesday release date for the One Max, but details were leaked on the net – forcing HTC to admit the existence of the device.

The HTC One Max includes a full 1080p display and that Snapdragon 600 processor will definitely be needed with the full list of features you’ll find on this phone – oh and of course runs Android. The phone includes a 3300 mAh battery, expected to last for the entire day, but a filp case is sold as an accessory to add an extra 1150 mAhs. The HTC One Max is set apart from the One with an expandable SD Card slot, allowing users to expand their storage up to 64GB. But what’s that awkward square on the back? Well glad you asked, thats the fingerprint scanner that we’ve all ‘wooed’ about. Its a bit of an unwieldily place to stick a  scanner for your finger – compared to Apple’s front facing sensor. Unlike Apple’s sensor, the finger print scanner has more functionality for the user. Set applications can be launched dependent on the finger you scan. Many have raised questions about its durability and position – but HTC says, despite its plastic and protruding build, it will last.

“The fingerprint data is encrypted and stored in local memory and can’t be readily accessed or copied. The fingerprint data cannot be easily converted into any other form or used by a third party.”

The HTC One Max features the UltraPixel camera and has a 2.1 MP front camera. Included in the release in the Sense 5.5 update, allowing the removal of BlinkFeed – if you’re not a fan. A dual capture mode for both the cameras and a more social network integration means that Sense 5.5 will be a welcome update.

On paper, Samsung’s and HTC’s phones aren’t too different. But why such the gap? Its a fierce market out there for Android phones. Samsung has been extremely successful in its advertising of its newest phones, the attack campaign on Apple’s iPhone 5 last year led to an exodus of users to the Galaxy S 4.  Samsung spend $2.1 billion in June last year, thats more than HTC’s revenue in total. HTC hasn’t been so keen on flouting its goods, thats why they’ve hired a Hollywood director to co-ordinate a better marketing campaign to push HTC out into the crowd. In some sense HTC is one of the worlds most innovative mobile firms. It does a have an advertising problem – but its not the adverts, its the scale on which they advertise. When was the last time you saw a HTC ad?

So on the surface the HTC One Max is a good move by HTC, it shows that the market is ready to tackle the iPhone juggernaut and the HTC One Max, like its siblings, should have a good run in the Android market. But first HTC needs to get those ads right. Make lots of noise, let the world know.