Power Corrupts and so does Windows 8.1


Windows 8.1 was the update to solve all the woe and misery within Windows 8. It was the answer to the PC users prayer. Microsoft held all the power, they had the duty to fix the UI, to make the PC experience great again. We were dependent on them, we trusted them. Now look what has happened…

Microsoft launched its new update to Windows free of charge, it came with a few welcomed tweaks – most noticeably the return of the start button. We thought we knew every feature Microsoft would ship , every nook and cranny explored. Seems not. We forgot one unexpected feature. Boot errors. Some Microsoft users are now experiencing baffling and cryptic like errors when booting their devices. Since, Surface RT tablets have been turned into bricks, Microsoft has received several complaints about the update and has since pulled it while they investigate.

Users will be faced with a boot error once they’ve updated from Windows 8, telling them their PC needs repairing and is missing boot configuration. It therefore suggests users place in the CD or USB drive that holds the Windows installation files to repair the PC, ironically most PCs don’t include these anymore.

Users can overcome the issue by creating a Windows RT recovery drive – which has to be made on another PC. Using recovery tools allow you to repair the boot files and complete the upgrade.

It seems that Microsoft may be nearly done fixing the update and those who’ve already updated will be in the clear. We’re not bashing Microsoft, they’ve noticed that consumers don’t get on with Windows 8 and have decided to do something about it. Much more than can be said for some firms, who ignore customer wishes and complaints. It’s just comical that the update to save Windows 8, has in fact been its downfall in some cases. A little nostalgic anyone?