Apple announce Mavericks launch today. For Free. Out now.

Apple has announced that its new Mac OS X operating system, that it revealed at WWDC, will be available from today – for free. Mavericks includes a new features such as Apple Maps, iBooks and also a new updated sleek UI. Users of Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard can download the update free of charge.


Mac OS X has become one of the most successful OS lineups in recent years, now PC sales are declining the share of Windows PC’s continue to fall. Despite this Mac OS X is predicted to rise, only slightly, in market share and user numbers. Apple unveiled Mac OS X as a replacement to Mac OS 9 in 2001 and have flourished since then. Similar to their iOS ecosystem the UI may have grown stale – but Apple has developed a stable OS that many businesses and organisations are adopting and now relying on. We have had the lot, since 2001  every version of Mac OS X has been rightly named after a ‘big cat’ – now the latest move signals a new direction for Cupertino and their design team. No more Kodiak, Cheetah, Panther, Tiger, Leopard or Lion – lets take a surf and name it ‘Mavericks’…

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[UPDATE]: Download OS X Mavericks free from the Apple Mac App store now.