Blue glow a ‘feature’ Says Amazon. Nothing wrong here.


You’ll always get errors on new pieces of hardware. You’ll always get bugs. Tablets have become an increasingly popular part of news this week, but Amazon has got in for the wrong reasons. Amazon has recently launched its new Kindle HDX tablet, aimed at taking on the iPad, Nexus and Samsung devices that dominate the market. The HDX features a super high resolution display at 323 ppi, launched in both a 7 inch and 8 inch variant, it is set to become Amazon’s most popular tablet yet.

However, early adopters have experienced a few minor issues when using their new devices. Users immediately started reporting an odd blue glow from the side of the displays, leaking into the screen. At the time Amazon support was saying these devices were faulty and should be returned. Now Amazon online is telling us a different story – this is how the HDX is meant to look.

It is most prominent on white backgrounds and the blue leakage can be seen all around the display. Amazon has now published a section on the Kindle HDX page stating: “We want you to know…

…As a result of using these blue LEDs, you may notice a very narrow, faint blue tint around the edge of the device when looking at items with a white background”

So the trick falls down to battery life and power. Using such LEDs allows them to keep us charged all day, ironically their most accurate display has some of the most prominent light leakage we’ve seen. Not all panels will experience the same level of leakage and this explains the batch appearance of the ‘fault’. So if you’re looking to purchase a HDX in the near future, maybe hold off a minute and wait for Amazon to refine the manufacturing process. You don’t need this added feature.