UN to Prepare for the inevitable end of the World: New Defense Plan

Something a little different, still ‘geeky’ and informative. Now we’ve all heard of the end of the world, it has been predicted many a time, most of the time failing to amuse or hold any truth. Obviously, as otherwise I would’t be here writing this. But now it seems the UN might be taking those crying wolf a little more seriously.



The United Nations have announced that there will be an official asteroid defense plan for when the time comes. Previously there had been no one in charge of such disaster response; worrying I know. Part of the plan address the employment (or lack or) in the asteroid defense department and is to be adopted by the UN on recommendations from scientists and astronauts. Following last years impact in Chelyabinsk, Russia, the UN is looking at how it can avoid similar catastrophes and save lives – also giving us more warning in the long run. Luckily last years meteor only caused minor injuries and left a few buildings damaged. The Association of Space Explorers (ASE) is urging the United Nations to seriously look at the possibility of setting up an organisation to monitor asteroids and prevent the apocalypse, coordinating a response to stray asteroids and space rock. The UN have looked at a more efficient method of monitoring, by delegating to an internal agency such as NASA to scan the skye for stray rocks. In a recommendation the ASE have said that we only locate around 1% of all dangerous rocks and that the Earth is in increasing danger. Nice to know.

Worryingly the space agencies of the world didn’t learn about the asteroid at Chelyabinsk until the world media and Twitter reported on it, minutes after the impact. The UN is set to announce a new defense plan soon, alongside tracking they hope to be able to develop technologies to deflect and avoid the next end of the world scenario. Let’s hope those boffins work on it quickly, I’d really like to see if Apple ever do release an iWatch and iTV – don’t want the world to end before that!