No it’s not a film, yes it’s real. A human cyborg…

The first thing you might say is “what is that?”, then you might move beyond that stage and realise. Suddenly it’s horrid sense of realisation as you cringe and squint. Yes, it is a smartphone in a mans arm. Tim Canonon has become the world’s first human cyborg, having a non medical computer implanted inside his body.


It you are asking, what? How? Well to put it simply the Circadia 1.0 is just smaller than a smartphone and has been implanted underneath the a in in his arm. The device is designed to gather biometric data and beam it to another mobile device. What makes the procedure even more interesting, was that Tim was fully awake and no local anesthetic was used – plus the operation was carried out without a license or a doctor, very cost efficient.

The idea was conceived and design by Tim and his friends at Grindhouse Wetware. Completely open source, all the designs and software code are published on the Google Code site. The first release of the device doesn’t do much, in terms of data – it collects very little. But the Circadia 1.0 is built on Arduino Pro-mini and makes good use of wireless charging – for obvious reasons. If you hate the gory stuff, skip this next sentence. The simple operation merely involved making an incision into Tim’s forearm and separating the skin and connecting tissue/muscle mass; hence popping the Circadia 1.0 into a small, snug pocket.

Housing a small temperature probe, it can transmitt such data to another Android powered device every couple of minutes, via Bluetooth. It’s uses have yet to be fully evaluated, but at first glance it could help predict upcoming ailments and concur early diagnosis: for example a rising temperature would indicate oncoming fever.

While I doubt this will be available on the NHS in any time soon, it may inevitably take off. As we become ever more connected and concerned about our everyday lives, we want to be able to keep track of everything – including our body. Technology provides us with control and allows us to make better decisions. Although sometimes it might be a bit too futuristic. Any how, Tim and his friends aren’t going to be implanting in a mass wave any time soon, they’ve got to perfect the device first, before relaxing a model for around $500. One thing I hope they’ve thought of are upgrades, otherwise this could be a very interesting concept and possibly a very painful one.


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