Cheated by Call of Duty Ghost? Reuses Whole Cut scene from Modern Warfare 2…


It’s not even been one week, but for many the experience of Call of Duty Ghost could already be over, well maybe the campaign. Activision’s latest blockbuster game was launched on Tuesday 5th November, with fans and eager gamers queuing at stores world wide to be the first to grab a copy of the mega title, Activision have been under pressure to make the next version of Call of Duty, the best yet. But this is questionable…

Cut scenes and cinematic scenes have become a large part of the modern gaming experience. The level of depth and detail that now goes into these scenes equal that of the game play. Motion capturing is the primary method that is used to capture such scenes, its expensive but provides the most realistic final result. Activision knows all to well how expensive such scenes can become, they want to keep their costs low in order to make the highest profit; therefore do they have the right to simply recycle such scenes from older titles?

Well if you’ve played Ghost you may have thought you were suffering from a case of deja vu, you weren’t wrong. Activision has been found to have simply copied and pasted a cut scene from Modern Warfare 2, where a character is lifted up out of a burning vehicle and helped to walk forward. They are slightly different, with new textures and characters replacing Captain Price, but apart from that – there is no difference. The same hand movements, the same environment conditions and even the same camera roll movement. Activision has undoubtedly saved itself a little bit of cash in the long run, other scenes are also likely to have been copied – but have yet to be noticed by the community.

This signals the start of a barrage of complaints and groans at how little Call of Duty has changed since its first launch in 2003. Despite the worlds hatred of the same old CoD, the sales figures continue to grow. Modern Warfare 3 reached $1 billion in sales in only 16 days, Black Ops 2 in 15 days and now Call of Duty Ghost has reached $1 billion in sales in only a day! Rumours are also emerging that the PS4 is dropping frame rates like there’s a fire sale. This is partly due to the 1080P rendering, over the XBOX One’s 720P, Sony’s gamble has failed to pay off.

This isn’t a question of consoles, but the game itself. Call of Duty Ghost has received ‘average’ reviews around the world, many clearly state that it is one of ‘the best’ titles yet in the series, however many have criticised its lack on innovation, forward thinking and complexity of the story line. Put simply, Call of Duty is a harsh shoot to kill blood bath, with little thought to an overarching story. Call of Duty is slowly being eaten away by the likes of Battlefield and EA has taken its chances, pushing everything into Battlefield 4 – hoping it will overtake Call of Duty.

Changes to the game engine, the ability for fish to move out of your way and a more realistic grass effect, not forgetting the amazing addition of a dog, aren’t going to push it enough in such as competitive climate., how much longer will it last?

Have you been disappointed with Call of Duty Ghost? What’s you thoughts? Let us know.