Human cyborg part 2: Motorola wants to tattoo microphones to your neck


Following on from Monday’s revelations of smartphone computers being sewn into your arm by untrained practitioners, it seems Motorola wants to also go down the cyborg route. Motorola has applied for a patent of a microphone, where the power supply and transceiver are tattooed onto your throat.

Ok, we hope Motorola takes a little more care and due diligence when it comes to the administration of the device, hiring qualified workers, but still it’s interesting to see the industry feels that we’re moving towards a market where you are the device. The idea is that the device will capture vibration directly from the larynx and will offer perfect sound with no background noise.

Communicating with a handset via NFC or Bluetooth, it would replace current microphones and headsets. However the topic reveals that a battery “may or may not be rechargeable”; which has led expert to ask – how would you charge it? Let’s hope no more dodgy incision making or US. to skin contact is involved. I’m not having myself turned into a walking USB hub, so how? Scarily enough the patent also suggests the device could be used on “other animals”. WHAT? Motorola wants to experiment on ‘other animals’, unethical I am sure; yet I still can’t see the need why a gorilla or chimpanzee may want a microphone…

It’s all rather confusing and put simply we’re really doubtful of its success, how about when you don’t want to use it? Or of it breaks? This is all very sci-fi futuristic, but are we heading in the wrong direction?