Do you know when you’ll die?


A new alarm clock, launched as a Kickstarter project is set to gain ground as more and more people offer sponsorship for the project. But it’s no normal alarm clock.


ALRAMClock is set to become your new bed side friend, scary friend. It has the ability to predict your untimely, pardon the pun, demise. Featuring a retro styled LED display, the clock shocks its user into awareness of how fragile life really is. The producers say it can:

“motivating data about your financial status, the size of your social networks, and your projected life expectancy”.

So, when you wake up in the morning you’ll be faced with a lovely greeting message of your own personalised choice; this can either be your Facebook friends, twitter feeds and even your life expectancy. All that you need is a wifi connection and a computer to personalise your clock.

Developers have looked for support on Kickstarter and have so far received great support. Behind the idea is the hope that the clock would shock people into action, alerting them to “financial instability, social insecurity and fear of death”. That’s lovely. So when your at your lowest point, on a Monday morning, simply turn your head and stare death in the face. Just what you wanted to see.

With 18 days left for the Kickstarter funding period, the team have already gathered $7,000 in support. Yes, I know its morbid and depressing, but hey life’s hard. And that’s what the designer wants to instil:

“A daily reminder that life is hard, deal with it.”