11 things that annoy you about your computer

We’ve all got them, the top 11 things we find most annoying about our computers. It doesn’t matter what computer you’re using, even if it’s a mac. Nobody is immune… So really, what the hell is it with these stupid machines? Can’t they just work? Or is this too much to ask?

It’s 2013, we should be in flying cars. Not worrying about WiFi.

1. When you’re connected to the wifi but there is no internet connection.


2. When you’re in a rush to turn off your computer, Windows wants to install 5000 updates.


3. When you aren’t moving your mouse, but the cursor has a mental break down.


4. When you push the shutdown button and it doesn’t shutdown. WTF.


5. When Internet Explorer doesn’t open, then decides to bombard you with 7000 tabs.


6. When Facebook alerts you on your computer, phone, tablet and coffee machine??? LEAVE ME ALONE!


7. When Word asks you to save changes to a document you haven’t changed. :/


8. When Windows Media Player won’t play your tunes, but loops the sample music????


9. When the document is sent to the printer… 5 hours later. Still waiting.


10. When the CD drive won’t open, then you push again, again and again. Then it opens and shuts all at once!!!


11. Windows corrupts your C drive.