Facebook Fail: No Snapchat for Mr Zuckerberg

The startup, Snapchat, has rejected an offer from Facebook to buy out the company. Facebook recently tried to acquire Snapchat in a cash deal that totalled $3bn, this would have been their biggest buy out ever.


The report has emerged only weeks after the website said it was seeing a decline in daily usage amongst young US teens. Things aren’t looking goof for Facebook, who’s teen usage was described as being “stable” by the firm last week.

Evan Spiegel said he was ‘wooed’ by investors offers,  but didn’t see Snapchat being acquired to at least next year. Launched in 2011, over 200 million snaps are sent a day, the app has been connected to a rise in ‘sexting’ and parents have called for changes in the way in which ‘snaps’ work.

Children under 13 aren’t allowed to create an account and you must add friends before ‘snapping’ between users.

Facebook has been on a rampage in acquiring smaller companies, who’s market might detract from Zuckerberg’s popularity. Facebook acquired Instagram last year and has also expressed interest in many other firms. Apart from engulfing these products, Facebook hasn’t done much with them. Facebook did incorporate Instagram’s photo sharign features into chat, but that’s about it.

Personally I find myself using Facebook less and less, on the odd ocasion just to check up on friends who spend their lives on the site. I’d much rather Tweet or even text. Facebook is too time consuming and has lost it’s ‘wow’ appeal. Plus, when I want to know about what I like, I don’t get to see it. My news feed is constantly full of “The Best Vine” videos, not my interests.

With the rise in new startups growing exponentially, are Facebook’s days numbered?