Blacberry’s Z10: A phone consumers and Blackberry can’t even afford

Image courtesy of Engadget

If you’d have made a phone that costs a lot to buy and make, then it doesn’t sell well – you might want to forget it too. Wipe it from memory, forever. It has appeared that the Blackberry Z10 lost the failing firm $1 billion since its launch. The original Porsche designed Z10 failed to take off amongst those business executives, who were the only ones who could afford the device. Hence, Blackberry is going full on – tackling the issue by not ignoring the old ‘failed’ device, but instead making a new equally expensive smartphone – the P’9982. 

It’s not your bog standard handset, it costs £1,500 – but sells in the hope that ‘big execs’ might want to replace their ageing Bold or Curve devices. We’ve got 64GB storage,  Micro SD Card slots and a new 1,280 x 768 display – which is all powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 and 2GB RAM – Blackberry had stooped this time round.

The design if this returns to Blackberry’s original keyboard. In some senses it seems more polished than the Z10, but at such an expensive price, we still feel it’s unlikely to gather any ground. The fact Blackberry consulted Porsche again and set pries so high, shows that the only market they can seriously hope on now is the business user. This is unstable ground for Blackberry and it’s a bet that, sadly might not pay off.