London Invaded (again) by the Romans as XBOX One launches. Gladiator fight with PS4.

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Now the second competitor has entered the ring. Xbox One has launched. This is the UK’s first next-gen console to have launched, replacing the Xbox 360 and taking on the PlayStation 4. Microsoft’s next gen-console is set to launch to mixed feelings, with loyal gamers worrying about DRM and the failure of some of the XBOX’s most critical features. Across the UK over 300 games shops and 100 Tesco stores stayed open all night for a midnight launch of the system.

Microsoft has held launch events in New York, London and Los Angeles to celebrate the day. The PS4 launched last week in the US, but has still not been unveiled in Europe- we’ll have to wait till the 29th November. This head start is marginal for Microsoft, but is desperately needed. Microsoft launched the console in May with a plethora of limitations on sharing games, reselling and downloads.
The PS4 has had more hype and excitement surrounding the launch, it’s first reviews look promising. Both consoles have had their own ‘mishaps’ – the PlayStation sometime can’t output to HDMI and the Xbox One disc tray can’t recognise discs. Oops.

Leicester Square, London, was full of actors and promo for the launch of the Xbox One. Ryse, a Rome based game exclusive to Xbox One, is one of the consoles biggest titles – so come the final countdown time, Leicester Square was filled with Roman soldiers and Gladiators. A fight between the PS4 and Xbox One? If merely only due to the recent bad publicity for Microsoft, we easily think the PS4 will outsell the One.
It’s just up to Microsoft to decide by how far.

Microsoft are optimistic of complete stock for Christmas, so there is still time for your Xmas gifts. With both consoles now out, who will dominate? Who will get the head start in the 4th generation?

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