US Army successfully tests vehicle-mounted laser. Now the NSA can destroy planets.

The thought of highly powered lasers and vehicles go together extremely well, especially in the mind of any geek. Death Star spring to mind? Well, may be… But the US Army have been trialling weapons on a slightly smaller scale – attaching a High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) to a vehicle in the practice of taking down enemy drones.

They had begun working on their laser in recent years and have now successfully tested the weapon on what looks like a 8-wheeled dump-truck. Firing a 10kW highly powered laser beam, it is capable of tracking and striking targets with radar. Revealing the laser ‘took down’ 90 mortar rounds and unmanned arerial vehicles.

This is an amazing feat of technology, successfully shooting down moving vehicles, which generally travel quite fast could soon lead to us developing more advanced defense systems and anti-air protection. The US military believes drones pose a real threats to soldiers in the coming years, and have therefore put a lot of effort in to developing defensive technology.

There are plans to develop further, more advanced lasers: with a 50Kw and 100Kw laser in the pipe-line. In caparison, consumers can only get their hands on 2w lasers. It’s scary and awesome to think we’re slowly moving into the stuff of sci-fi. But think, the NSA can watch the world, and now also destroy other worlds too. Let’s hope no Death Star emerges out of this.


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