Bendy? Curved? Flexible? Where will the iPhone head in 2014?

How can Apple change the iPhone, improve it and make it better? What does Cupertino have hidden away? One company has made a concept video, which is embedded below, showing off their predictions for an iPhone 6C…

Curved is a clear trend as we enter the latter part of 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG Flex both demonstrate how companies can take are rather, flat phone experience and give life a bit of ‘angular’ definition. Now it seems Apple may also follow suit. With many punters pointing at Apple releasing a more ‘curved iPhone, Set Solutions may not be far off. A Milan-based company, they describe themselves as specialising in “the production of digital content” and “interactive media”.
However, unlike the LG Flex – the iPhone 6C (‘C’ standing for curve) would have a flat back.
But then again, Apple has a lot up its sleeve, so if curved isn’t your thing. Maybe you’d go for Air?

Sporting a similar wedge design as the Macbook Air, we might say that they’re being optimistic at a 1.5mm thickness and 70g weight. Of course includeing Touch-iD, it looks cool. Yet, so far we’ve had no leaks from Apple.
What do you think?