What Did The World ‘Google’ in 2013?

‘What is twerking?’

‘How to make pancakes’


‘Paul Walker’

What have all these terms got in common? You guessed it, we googled them. After revealing its top searches in the 2013 Google Zeitgest, we’ve uncovered some interesting and slightly apprehensive searches that have made us ask ‘why?’

Split into top searches, people. Events. Football stars, how-to and movies – Google lists their 2013 in review here:


The highlights trending this year, was the death of Paul Walker, following his accident in November and later the iPhone 5s and the ‘Royal Baby’.

Surprisingly, quite a lot of you don’t know what ‘twerking’ is… We couldn’t believe that. Miley Cyrus booty shaking, modern dance has landed the twerk number one in the ‘What is…’ category. Shameful, many of you haven’t experience this new craze. Let us educate you:


Topping the whole lot, the Boston Marathon for the most searched event, followed by the government shutdown. Consumer electronics is dominated by the next-generation consoles, but the most searched term – right at the top, the iPhone 5s.

It wasn’t just electronics and people that starred in 2013, videos from around the web have creeped into the list, with ‘What did the Fox say’ taking No.1 video.

Nevertheless in a year when the world fought natural disasters, a Briton won Wimbledon, the Middle East was torn with conflict and we stopped to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who and JFK; the death of Nelson Mandela led headlines. Naturally he takes top place in the ‘top searches’ and his influence and teachings continue to trend under #RIPMandela on Twitter.

We did a lot of searching in 2013, a lot of learning and sharing. What will we search in 2014?

Image courtesy of CDN Sheknows