Evasi0n jailbreak finally arrives for iOS 7. WAIT.

Months of waiting has paid off, most thought this day would never come… But rejoice, it has finally arrived. The evasi0n have launched their shiny new jailbreak for iOS 7, which had taken a long time to procure with the new ‘security’ features present.  So, go on, jump in, download; but be warned…there’s a catch!

I’ve never been a fan of ‘jailbreaking’, for me it eliminates part of the elegance and smooth experience that is generally found in Apple products. But that said, I can see a persons reasons for wanting to jailbreak. As we move further through the development of iOS, Apple slowly spoon feeds us extra customisation and tools, however a quick jailbreak would offer all the customisation in the world. So, my hat goes off to those wishing to brave the world of jailbreaking.

To make the process of ‘freeing’ your iDevice a lot simpler, evasi0n came up with a tool to ensure everyone can’t jailbreak. Download. Plugin. Jailbreak (remember to disable lock screen first). It’s that simple.

The catch? Well, the team didn’t work with Saurik, which means they forgot to add an updated Cydia store or MobileSubstrate. But check the Twitter-o-sphere and it seems we won’t have to wait long for that. You make the decision, jump in or wait it out. You decide…


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