The death of Steve Jobs – Apples downfall?

One year ago to the day Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, died of Pancreatic cancer. There are little words that can sum up a genius so profound and imaginative, so I shall use little words. Steve Jobs was a visionary; a genius. He saw the world through different eyes. Those who worked with him said he produced a “distortion field” – allowing the impossible to become possible. His
unconventional thinking led Apple to become a leader in technology. He knew what the consumer wanted before they did. Jobs had been the father to many of the famous products such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iMac. He saw complexity in simplicity. Apples products would dominate the markets and allow them to become industry standard.

Jobs was charismatic and enthusiastic at launches, his catchphrase “one more thing” left fanboys on the edge of their seats. But Steve was more than a businessman. Providing top quality to their customers he wanted the marriage of technology and arts, something up until then people believe could not coexist. He wasn’t known for his literal arts or sophisticated language. One of his favourite quotes by Wayne Gretzky explained his vision for Apple:

I like to skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.’ And we always try to do that at Apple.

Jobs’ bleak and somewhat ghastly appearance led to his dismissal early 2011. Tim Cook CEO has been praised for the direction he has taken Apple in. Allowing the company to become more profitable and open. But he is not a Steve. People visiting the Apple websites for the next couple of days will be greeted with a tribute by both the community and leadership at Apple.


Steve Jobs had been extremely unwell for the several years prior to his death. He did not let this prevent his work at Apple. Midnight meetings and 6am briefings left staff exhausted and his unpredictable temper meant many packed their bags and cleared their desks under Steve Jobs term at the Californian company. However he has not left Apple as a ticking time bomb, suggested in his biography by Walter Isaacson, he is said to have paved the next 10 years of development at Apple. His ingenious legacy and passion for perfection will allow the Silicon Valley company to thrive. Steve did more than make computers and mobile devices, his legacy will continue past those of his competitors. He created history and left Apple at the forefront of it.

Written on my iPad