This Girl has been fired

She’s gone. That didn’t last long. Burnt to the ground, in a flurry of flames and anguish. Or maybe not. But either way, Alicia  Keys has gone, left Blackberry and has flown with the high winds.

Announced as Blackberry’s ‘global creative director’ a yea ago, Ms Keys’ and Blackberry’s path crossed as the dying firm readied to launch a new line of smartphone.  With Blackberry’s revenue sinking and its handsets failing, it seems Ms Keys was no longer required, her $1 million deal finished.

The Globe reported that she’d been ousted from the firm and had now moved onto better things. Doubt we’ll see her waiting at her nearest Job Centre Plus. 

Nevertheless, you ask; what did she really do for Blackberry? Apparently, not a lot. With a total of 1 Power Point presentation, she made her self otherwise scarce.

That’s one person jumping (or being pushed) off the good ship, Blackberry. Who else will make the leap before she sinks to the bottom?