CES 2014: Wearable looks to be a trending theme

CES 2014 is set to be one of the biggest yet. Every year we’re amazed at the imagination and creativity of top designers and market leaders, generally summing up in super, amazing products; available for us to man-handle in Las Vegas. This year, despite the super large TVs, awesome curves and a sneaky set of Steam Machines… Wearable is definitely in.

With day one of CES 2014 done and dusted, we’ve had a lot to digest. Sony introduced it’s ‘smallest’ piece of hardware yet, The Core. Jumping the trend of smart watches, Sony’s renewed efforts to enter the wearable market has led it down the route of ‘life logging’; in essence an automated journal, created by Core. Hooked up to a smartphone, you’ll be able to record movement, photos, music listened to and social network happenings.

Whilst, on the other side of the pond, Intel has its own digital assistant. Jarvis, which sounds like a lot of copyright claims from Marvel maybe on route, is Intel’s new ear piece wearable. By wrapping it around the ear and pairing it with an Android phone, Jarvis can give directions, find restaurants and generally act like Siri. Sounds neat. But, hang on. This is only a reference design, and would require partners to adopt the design; making it a buyable product.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 08.29.50

The trends this year are clearly wearable. CES has always been a centre for showing off upcoming technology. A couple more years, and these will be on the market. There is a long way to go, and when devices still require smartphone tethering… What’s the point? Soon, we will have filled every empty space on our bodies, then where else could tech live? How much more you can fit on your wrists, I don’t know? But would you go for Sony Core? Jarvis? Let us know.