Spies to get ‘license to speed’

Ever seen a James Bond film where the car chases, driving scenes or the final fights abide by any laws? Does 007 make sure his Aston Martin DB9 carefully follows the 48km/h speed limit whilst hunting down national threats?

I doubt not.

Of course, whenever you watch a James Bond film its storyline is peppered with fast moving cars and adrenaline pumping chase scenes. You might ask yourself why ‘real’ spies don’t chase down villains so enthusiastically…


austin powers

Simply because they’re good citizens and abide by the law. Currently, even if national security is threatened, MI5 and MI6 agents must abide by the rules of the road.

But they will soon be given the same exemption as police and other emergency vehicles to speed – under plans by Transport Minster Robert Goodwill.

Beginning Monday 13th January, Intelligence Officers will have to undertake a course in high-speed driving to become exempt. Changes come after numerous  Goldfinger’s escaped MI6 capture a consultation where respondents backed allowing speed exemptions for those who’s job is the:

“protection of life and limb or national security”.

 Wow, that’s really nice of M. Now society can be safeguarded by agents whizzing around in Aston Martins, just watch out for the crossings.