LOL, WTF: SMS Decline in UK as SnapChat Grows

The end of an era… The last cry… Not quite yet, but the end could be on the horizon. For the first time in the UK, last year, SMS texts fell as the rise in internet services such as iMessage, Snapchat and WhatsApp grew.

Dropping from 152 billion in 2012 to 145bn in 2013 – equally internet messaging services delivered 160bn messages in 2013. Up from 57bn in 2012.

The UK saw a spike in usage of internet services when BlackBerry Messenger was introduced in 2006, and has since exploded with the fall in data costs.

Alongside rise in ‘text’ messaging, the popularity of emoticons/stickers has given internet services the edge. With Japanese sticker firm, Line, earning over $10 million monthly.

It’s a lucrative business.

With Short Messaging Service reaching the end of its life, we might soon see an end of an era. The first text was sent in 3 December 1992, by Neil Papworth (British Engineer) from his computer to a Orbitel 901. That’s a long time ago…


  • Women are twice as likely to use emoticons than men ;)
  • In the US over 75% of teens said over 60 SMS a day
  • The first SMS said “Merry Christmas”
  • Melissa Thompson set the record at 25.94 seconds for the fastest text