Gadget Nibble One Year On…

It’s Gadget Nibble’s 1st Anniversary… Congratulations (pat on the back). But how did it start?

On the 12th February 2013 at 20:35;  Tom, Oliver and James went on their Xboxes and started talking about a crazy idea.  From there it grew, and a small technology blog, called Gadget Nibble, was born.

One year on, Gadget Nibble has had a complete redesign, has joined over six social networks, has bought two new computers, a new camera, a new game capture card, has posted over 525 posts, 140 YouTube videos published, 1441 tweets tweeted, 65 likes on Facebook, 118 subscribers on YouTube, 250  WordPress subscribers and more than 52,500 combined views. Amazing!

We have plans for even more. Gadget Nibble has grown bigger than we could have ever imagined; receiving daily comments and even emails from the BBC. We’re proud of our work, and we hope you are too.

As a community, you’ve given us ideas, inspiration, strength to continue and an enjoyment of being ourselves, doing what we love.

A year ago this week, we had no idea how far we’d make it. But we’ve done it! Survived a year, and we will hopefully survive a few more. We’ve got no plans to stop any time soon.

On behalf of us all at Gadget Nibble… Thank You!


Founding Team
Tom, James and Oliver