Metallica Through The Never Review

Being a Metallica fan I could not wait for the new film; Metallica Through The Never to be available on DVD.

So what did I think of it?


Metallica Through The Never is basically, a live performance by Metallica (created for the film). Where a young band roadie is sent on an urgent mission to find a broken down truck, containing an item the band need for the show. This later turns into a fight for survival in a surreal adventure in to the Never.

The film contains the best of Metallica’s live music performances; full of loud explosions, flashing lights and fire. The film has to 2 discs, one of which has the film which is 89 minutes long and a second disc containing hours of special features.

I give Metallica Through The Never 5 stars for its AMAZING music and for its AWESOME story line. The film is a must see for all Metallica and rock fans alike.

Will you hit the Lights and go Through the Never?