Xbox One Gets A Media Remote, Gives Kinect Some Harsh Love

Microsoft just made a move that we’d all predicted for some time, releasing a media remote for its Xbox One console. Set to be release in early March, the pricing stands at $24.99 – with European prices to be confirmed later.

Giving users full control of media, DVDs and accessing content it takes a small form, for what can be a painful and elaborate task. But hang on, wasn’t that the Kinect’s job?

Prepare yourself for some mind blowing tech, never before seen… The Xbox One media controller. OK, we’re taking the mick, but interestingly, apart from controlling your Xbox One – Microsoft’s newest piece of hardware sends out some other mixed messages.

Why do we need this controller? Well, it allows you to control your “TV and entertainment at the touch of a button via a familiar remote” – which is the official PR line. Nevertheless, it feels like we’re taking a bit of a U-turn here, considering the Kinect was meant to make all these ‘familiar’ and inconvenient devices obsolete.

Kinect feelin’ a little lonely

If offers quick access to the OneGuide, neat, and also lights up when picked up; but nothing revolutionary. Obviously, it’s clear Microsoft might have realised that the Kinect isn’t popular in every household. Microsoft has watered down the influence and importance of Kinect by making several late changes to the Xbox One; including allowing the console to work without the peripheral.

We’re not Kinect-bashing, but it didn’t really get off on a good foot. While it fought NSA paranoia and privacy concerns, Microsoft’s insistence on keeping Kinect as part of the package has pushed some users away from using it. Microsoft has effectively side lined Kinect, meaning some have come to live without ever using the device.

Just like we predicted, you can’t force people to use Kinect by shipping console and sensor together. It has great possibilities, and means that developers can guarantee access to the device for games – but it’s a costly price to pay for gamers who don’t use it.

Welcome Xbox One Media remote, join the family. Gosh, everyone knows that buttons are the future…


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